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Patio Covers

Patio Covers Made-to-Measure

Choose from motorized patio shades, freestanding pop-up canopy tents, or various awnings and shade sails to add style and utility to your Tustin deck, gazebo, patio, or other outdoor spaces.

Patio Covers

Patio Covers Near Me | Tustin CA

Freestanding Outdoor Shades – Sails, Canopies & Awnings

Choosing a simple and portable outdoor shade solution for your Tustin patio means a few different things. For once, you can set up the shade sails or pop up canopy anywhere you want. This means versatility in adding a touch of color to different parts of your property. Naturally, since these outdoor shades aren’t attached, they’ll have some limitations. But the huge variety of freestanding patio shade designs makes it easy to match and complement colorful hardscapes and decking of all kinds. With awnings, you can connect outdoor shades to spots where a few legs won’t fit. Motorized awnings also add another functional option to your patio. With these sorts of patio shades, you can maximize and enhance the decorative look of this outdoor space without spending a lot.

Custom Motorized Patio Shades

For maximum technological innovation and utility, many of our customers choose to get motorized patio covers installed for their Tustin properties. Choosing motorized patio shades with remote controls lets you have a range of positions for the cover to take. You can unfurl the rolling patio shades with the push of a button, thus creating a shaded area where a moment ago none existed. Wi-Fi connectivity allows for motorized patio shades with smartphone remote control methods. This makes the whole setup a lot more ideal and effortless to use. With solar-powered motorized patio covers, you don’t even need to worry much about electricity. Especially not in sunny California, where green solar energy stays abound pretty much all year round.

Made-To-Measure Covers For Tustin Patios

With precision comes perfection, we like to say. Choosing custom made patio covers, motorized or freestanding, allows for maximal efficiency and comfort. You want your patio shades to provide the best possible solution to harsh sunlight glare and UV ray protection. Well, by getting patio covers custom made, you can ensure perfect coverage for any platform or outdoor structure. Whether you want a motorized pergola canopy or just to create a shaded section using freestanding patio covers, we’ve got every option covered. Pun intended. Call to set up your free consultation & estimate from the best patio covers installers in the Tustin area.


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