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Motorized Blinds

Motorized Window Treatments – Smart Controls

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Motorized Blinds

Motorized Blinds In Tustin CA

Every window needs a set of blinds or shades over it, but keeping track of them can be a bit of a headache. Motorized blinds make it a lot easier for you to keep your windows open or covered as needed. With the right accessories, motorized window blinds can even regulate the indoor environment for you without needing your attention at all. Read on for a basic overview of the benefits bestowed by battery-powered blinds and how you can get the most out of them. Smart motorized blinds for your Tustin windows provide an easy and quick method of controlling sunlight. You can choose sheer materials or blackout blinds to motorize. Each variety comes with different benefits making it more suitable for different rooms.

Manual Versus Motorized Window Blinds

So, let’s go over the practical differences. First of all, classic, hand-drawn window blinds need individual attention to open or close, and doing this takes some physical effort. Motorized blinds can require individual attention if you have the old fashioned handset-controlled kind, but more modern networked or automatic ones do not. Even the low-tech motorized window blind options take less time and require less walking around than manual ones. Meanwhile, the more advanced options will proactively save you on home repair and AC/heating expenses by remembering to cover the windows even when you forget. Finally, most types of manual blinds have cords that pose a choking or strangulation risk to children. Wireless motorized blinds, as the name implies, have no such hazardous extensions. All in all, motorized blinds provide Tustin area windows with inexpensive automatic covering solutions that can meet various needs.

Sensors & Smart Window Blinds For The Tustin Region

For your motorized blinds to save you the most effort, expense, and stress, you should automate them with a timer, sensor, or “smart” control system. For the simplest option, consider a timer that gets the motor running at dawn, high morning, mid-afternoon, and dusk. Now your window blinds will always be closed when the sun is hottest, open when it's mild and pleasant, and closed again for insulation at night. You can do one better than this by installing your motorized blinds with a heat or sunlight sensor. Now your window blinds react to the weather as it changes, no input required from you! The more windows you have in your home or workplace, the faster motorized blinds will save you money.

Solar-Powered Motorized Window Blinds

On the topic of keeping electric bills low, it’s hard to do better than solar. Window blinds are in just the right spot to catch some sun, and absorbing those rays is part of their job in the first place! Solar-powered blinds are extra opaque, thanks to the blackbody nature of the photovoltaic strips covering the outside of each panel. Motorized blinds don’t take too much juice to run, even if you’ve got smart blinds control systems feeding on the same battery. They also have a lot of surface area to absorb solar energy through. Solar panels make your motorized blinds energy independent from the rest of the house.

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