Commercial Services

August 3, 2016

With the right office window treatments, you can create the ideal work environment. Your team members will be able to enjoy the optimal amount of ambient light and level of privacy at any time of the day. Count on us to help you choose the ideal blinds or shades for your commercial premises. Our company offers high-quality window coverings which come with a 5-year warranty and provides completely personalized services, which includes professional consultation and installation.

Discovering the Right Window Blinds or Shades for Your OfficeCommercial Services Tustin Blinds & Shades

You simply need to share your requirements and preferences with our specialist who will come to you. We have a wide range of window covers, from classic roller shades with a modern system for operation to elegant and impressive zebra blinds. The sky is the limit when it comes to the color and pattern options. You will certainly find the ideal model.

You can readily select the level of light filtering depending on the orientation of your commercial building, its location and the types of work activities which take place inside. Rooms with large computers naturally need to be darker. You will also benefit from room darkening shades for conference rooms where slideshow presentations take place. Beautiful and inviting Roman shades could be just right for offices where meetings with clients take place.

Our specialist will help you choose the best commercial window treatments. We offer custom office blinds and shades to meet even the most specific needs you may have. Whether you have exceptionally large windows or ones with non-conventional shapes such as oval or angle top windows, we can give you the perfect match. You can count on us for the installation completely. It is our commitment to ensure the secure fitting and smooth operation of your new window coverings.